National OOTD Day

“When you look good, you feel your most confident.”


Celebrated on June 30 and created by Stassi Schroeder, NATIONAL OOTD DAY celebrates self-love and personal style by encouraging everyone to confidently post their #ootd.


Why celebrate National OOTD Day?

I have always been into fashion and I've been obsessed with documenting my outfits since before Outfit Of The Day (aka OOTD) existed - for realsies!! I believe that style is artistic and that expressing yourself with your outfit directly affects your inner self-confidence. When you have a great outfit on, your day is that much better, and in my opinion, you should honor that feeling with an OOTD!

Here's the thing, whether we like it or not, we live in a world where feedback on social media affects everything - we count the number of likes our selfies get on FB, we see every retweet, and we smile when our best friends leave a fire emoji on Insta. So, if you're feeling your look, post your OOTD and celebrate what makes you feel good about yourself.

My style philosophy is this: take a good hard look at your body and choose your favorite parts. Got 'em? Good. Now keep those in mind and find a uniform that accentuates those parts. When you figure out a uniform you love (even if it's just skinny jeans and a t-shirt!), it becomes your standard go-to and then you can begin to add to it with different colors and styles. That's how you develop your personal style - and the best part is that you're always confident and comfortable.

JUNE 30 IS NATIONAL OOTD DAY and it's the day to give yourself those extra few minutes in the morning to dress with confidence in mind, snap a sassy OOTD, and POST IT to share with your friends... because even if you don't have your shit together, dressing like you have your shit together makes you feel like you have your shit together.

Xx, Stassi

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